To take vitamins or not to take vitamins?

It's absolutely important that our body gets the nutrients it needs to function effectively and efficiently. The lack of balanced diet in addition to the daily stress of pollution depletes our body of nutrients. It's up to us to replace these nutrients. We can do this through healthy nutrition, or better yet, through healthy nutrition and proper supplementation.

Eating a balanced diet and then supplementing it with a quality multivitamin will be the most logical and sound decision to make. We'll be able to get the nutrients that our body needs from the food and
then back it up with the multivitamin for a powerful effect.

There are four forms of multivitamins available in the market today, that's capsule, tablet, soft gel, and liquid. Liquid multivitamins will be the easiest for our body to absorb because there's literally nothing for our digestive system to breakdown. Capsules and soft gels are also a good choice when it comes to the forms of multivitamins with regards to absorption rate. While tablets on the other hand, will be the hardest for our body to breakdown and absorb. Remember, that no two individuals will respond similarly from taking any type of vitamin or mineral supplement, because each individual have different metabolisms, eating habits, exercise regiment, or sleeping habits, and are under different amount of stress or even take their supplements differently.


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