7 ways to prevent insomnia

Longer days during the summer worsen the insomnia of which suffer millions of people. Longer days involve changes in the habits of going to bed, but also different work shifts can worsen insomnia. Doctors in Gottlieb Memorial Hospital, Chicago recommend a few tips on how to reduce problems with summer insomnia. 

- At least one hour before bedtime, begin to calm and relax and avoid physical activity. 
- Turn off electrical appliances and do not enter them into the bedroom, in  case of waking up, you would not be tempted to take the phone rather than go back to sleep. 
- Dim the room, the darkness is conducive for sleep. 
- Reduce the noise around you (turn off the TV or other devices). 
- Try to make the temperature in the room enjoyable. 
- Do not eat or drink at least two hours before bedtime. 
- Do not drink alcohol before bed.


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