Your body during detox

If you're thinking about starting the detoxification of the body by drinking fresh squeezed juices, get to know yourself with everything that happens in the body when entering freshly squeezed juices.

After the first sip

Your brain sends a signal that you are hungry, and in response to the hunger gets pure fruit sugar. Do not think that vegetable juices are significantly healthier.
Fruit juices stimulate rapid release of insulin, which is responsible for initiating blood sugar, now in the form of glucose that enters in the body's cells.

After 30 minutes

Once your cells get bigger part of glucose, blood sugar begins to fall rapidly, and it is very likely that you will feel dizzy.
Meanwhile, the body lacks calories and it begins to use glycogen as an energy source.Glycogen participates in building the muscles.

After two days

After each juice, insulin levels in the blood rises sharply, then decreases rapidly. The body uses glycogen largely and you feel weak and listless.
Since you're entering only about 50% of the calories you need, your body relies on two sources of energy: triglycerides, a type of energy stored in fat cells and proteins, which build your muscles. You may begin to lose muscle mass, even if still exercise regularly.

After three days

Your brain is not happy. He enters the stage of starvation and leads to increased levels of ketones in the body. You'll feel irritable and you will have the unenviable level of concentration.
Your brain is missing amino acids that are needed to maintain a good mood. If you are prone to depression or a bad mood, it is very likely that you will now begin to feel that way.
Proteins from the weakened muscles break down into ammonia and uric acid and circle through your bloodstream. Kidneys begin to work more intensively.

After four days

The small intestine begins to perform poorly. His villi, tiny fibers that release nutrients into the bloodstream, begin to atrophy. Your diarrhea may become even worse, and thus increases the risk of dehydration.

On the eighth day

You have lost a part of muscle mass. Even if you go back to the old diet, now you have less muscle to spend calories and they will turn to fat. Reduced percentage of muscle mass will slow down your metabolism, increasing the risk of accumulation even more excess weight.


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