Cut the calories, lose weight

In order to lose weight, here are presented 7 easy ways to cut 850 calories. With these rules you will not have to keep strict diet, and you will look great.

Drinks – drink one bottle of soda less a day. Drink water with a few lemon drops. Save: 150 calories

Sandwiches - when you buy a sandwich, buy one with mustard or ketchup and avoid the one with mayonnaise. Save: At least 100 calories

Skin - buy cleaned chicken without skin, and always prepare it that way. Save: 100 calories
Dressing – use vinegar or fresh lemon juice as salad dressing. Save: 120 calories 

Beer - Skip beer or glass of wine after a meal. Save: 120 calories

Cheese - buy a sandwich without cheese. Save: 200 calories
Fruit - rather than drink a glass of juice, eat fruits and drink a glass of water. Save: 100 calories


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