Superfoods that save life

Recent research has shown that tomatoes reduce the risk of depression by 46%. In addition to reducing the risk of depression, by eating tomatoes you will alleviate the symptoms of pre-existing depression. 
A powerful antioxidant lycopene is responsible for the excellent medicinal properties of tomato. Studies have shown that it reduces the risk of heart attack and prostate cancer. 
Tomato is best eaten fresh as the heat treatment can reduce the level of its nutritional value. 

This green leafy vegetable is rich in nutritional substances that have an excellent effect on health. Besides containing a large amount of vitamin A and C, studies have shown that maintaines youthfulness. It contains iron and vitamin C, which stimulate the production of collagen, the main partners in the fight against the emergence of early signs of aging. 
Spinach can slow down the aging of brain cells because it has anti-inflammatory activity. Reduces the level of free radicals in the body which increase the risk of developing dementia. 
Add fresh spinach to the salad to take advantage of all its nutritional properties. 

An excellent source of antioxidants and flavonoids. Although small, they are powerful. One of the biggest benefits of blueberries is that it reduces the risk of heart disease. 
Blueberries may reduce the level of chronic inflammation in the body, which increases the risk of various chronic diseases. One study showed that blueberries increase levels of good cholesterol while lowering bad cholesterol, which is one of the leading causes of heart disease and circulatory system. 
Add blueberries, oatmeal and yogurt to the smoothie, or use them to prepare desserts. 

If you want to lose weight, you should increase your intake of salmon. It contains high levels of protein and sppeds up the metabolism, which ultimately results in weight loss. High levels of protein will keep you feeling full longer and prevent cravings for unhealthy snacks. 
Salmon can be prepared in various ways. It goes well with lemon juice, potatoes and beans. 

Pumpkin seeds 
They taste great, satisfy the craving for snacks, in addition to the rich nutritional substances. Excellent source of iron, zinc, protein, vitamin K and magnesium. All of these substances are necessary for the smooth functioning of the body. Zinc will help improve memory, magnesium will strengthen bones, and proteins speed up metabolism. 
Pumpkin seeds can be added to muesli, can be toasted or eaten totally raw.


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