Ajowan essential oil

Originally from India, this aromatic plant of the family Apiacea has attractive white flowers, and its seeds are rich in essential oils with strong aromatic smell of phenol. Ajowan seeds are used as a spice. They have gray – green color, and remind of cumin seeds. Mainly are sold whole and not crushed. The seeds are often chewed because of its medicinal properties. Ajowan has a bitter taste, it leaves a feeling of heat in the mouth, and it is not unusual if the tongue is a little numb for a short time. 

Ajowan is usually processed using a mortar and pestle. If you don't have a mortar and pestle, rub the seeds between your fingers and hands before use to make them a little crushed. When the ajowan seeds are used whole, seeds crust should be peeled to release the aromas and essential oils that will further enhance the flavor. The seeds have a long life if stored in the dark and dry place at room temperature. 

Ajowan oil has a wide antibacterial spectrum, fungicidal activity, antiparasitic, antiviral and immunostimulating action. It is used as a general tonic and percutaneous analgesic. 

The seeds contain essential oil, and 50% of its composition makes thymol, which has antimicrobial properties. You can find it in the composition of certain toothpastes and perfumes. In India, ajowan seeds are used as a remedy for indigestion, relieving symptoms of asthma and arthritis. Also they have aphrodisiac properties and they are used in India to increase sexual desire. 

Ajowan essential oil is recommended for intestinal (amebiaza, ascarids, tapeworms), skin (itching etc.) infections and gynecological fungal infections. It is used to treat intestinal, urinary and gynecological bacterial and viral infections. It helps with muscle and joint rheumatism. 

The recommended dose 
Internal use 
2 drops of ajowan essential oil in honey, olive oil or sugar cube place under the tongue. Take 3 times a day for bacterial or parasitic infection. 

Outdoor use 
3 drops of ajowan essential oil and 3 drops of hazelnut oil apply to the area of ​​fungal infections or area affected by rheumatism. 

Instructions for internal use are only for therapists. For outdoor use it can be diluted up to 20% in plant oil like sesame or hazelnut oil. 

Ajowan essential oil is not recommended for children under 6, pregnant and lactating women. It should not be used too long without consulting with aromatherapist. If using pure oil, skin irritation is possible.


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