Cleanse- Boosting Activities

Pamper Your Face
Boost the rejuvenating effects of face-friendly foods by scheduling a facial or a Shiatsu face massage, spritzing your face with rose-infused oil throughout the day and doing the exfoliating or rehydrating mask listed in the recipe section. After trying these easy, nourishing recipes with natural ingredients, you may decide to leave commercial creams behind.

Facial spritz
1⁄2 cup purified water
2 drops rose essential oil
Directions: Put water into travel- size spritzer bottle and add rose essential oil. Put the cap back on and start spritzing! Makes 4 ounces.

Facial scrub
The exfoliating properties of the gritty cornmeal leave your face invigorated and glowing.
2 tablespoons whole-fat organic plain yogurt
2 tablespoons ground cornmeal
Directions: Mix the yogurt and cornmeal into a paste. Gently rub the mixture into your skin in small circles, starting at the chin and working up to the cheeks and forehead, and then the hairline. Rinse with warm water and dab skin dry. Makes 1 application.

Avocado mask
The fats in the avocado are amazing natural moisturizers for your skin. This mask is especially cool and soothing after a day in the wind or sun or when dry winter weather has left your face feeling parched.
1 avocado, peeled and pitted
Directions: After you peel and pit the avocado, mash it into a soft paste. Massage into your face, using circular motions. Leave on for 2 minutes, and then wash off with warm water. Makes 1 application.

Baby Your Body
Steep your entire body in an herbal tea soak. The essential oils of the herbs in the tea bags have a relaxing effect. When you’re brewing in the tub, breathe through your nose and imagine exhaling any stress or negative feelings carried over from the day and inhaling feelings of harmony and peace. Don’t have a
bathtub? No problem. Pour boiling water into a pot, add the herbs, lean over the pot, steam your face with a towel draped over your head and the pot, and breathe deeply. To give the rest of your body a lovely glow, massage in coconut oil from your shoulders to your toes to seal in moisture after bathing 
or showering.

Tea bag for the bath
The lavender and chamomile here make for a calming, soothing way to end your day. You can find the dried flowers and leaves at many health-food markets. I pop a tea bag into a hot bath, light a few candles and feel the stress of the day melt away.

1⁄4 cup dried chamomile flowers
1⁄4 cup dried lavender flowers
2 sheets of cheesecloth, cut into 6 equal pieces
3 pieces of cotton string or twine
Directions: Mix the dried flowers together in a small bowl. Layer 2 of the cut cheesecloth squares on top of each other. Put 1 ⁄3 of the flower mixture into the center of the cheesecloth square. Lift the 4 ends of the cloth together and twist, sealing the flower buds in the center of the bundle. The buds will expand when submerged in the bath, so leave room for that expansion. Tie up the bundle with a piece of string. Repeat the process for the next 2 bags. Makes 3 tea bags, enough for 3 baths.

Pinpoint the Fountain of Youth
Feel as if you’ve had a little nip and tuck without going under the knife... with Shiatsu facial massage. Done over time, in combination  with a healing diet, it can erase years off your face. During the therapy, pressure is placed on different energy meridians on your face and body. The pressure clears energy blockages and helps release toxins that lead to premature aging from the body. 


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