Strengthen your body in 3 minutes

Training consists of three exercises that will strengthen the legs, abdomen and buttocks. To perform each exercise takes only 1 minute. 

Although it sounds easy, to perform one exercise one full minute can be tricky. When you feel that it's exhausting for you, do the exercise for another 10 seconds because it is the moment when your body begins to change.

Exercise 1
Lower your buttocks and put your hands on the front of the thighs. Knees should be in line with your feet. Tighten abdominal muscles, stand up and raise your arms above your head. Lift your left leg aside and down the left arm by tapping the foot of your left leg. Return to the starting position. Change the sides and repeat the exercise for 1 minute.

Exercise 2
Lie on your back. Knees should be bent and your palms on the floor. Tighten the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen. Raise your hips so your body from shoulder to knee is completely straight. Bend the right leg and move closer to her chest. Straighten legs and make sure the foot is stretched. Repeat, changing sides, for 1 minute.

Exercise 3
Get on your knees. Put your left hand on the back of the head, and your right foot on the floor. Lift the left foot 5 inches off the floor. Lower your torso to the left and at the same time lift the left leg. Body from hips to toes should be completely straight. Repeat the exercise, changing sides, for 1 minute.


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