Exercise to combat stress

Exactly how exercise helps to combat stress? Especially when during exercise increases the level of the stress hormone, cortisol?

Exercise stimulates the production of neurohormones, such as norepinofrin, which are connected with the improvement of cognitive function, mood and learning. Some studies have shown that exercise actually makes us smarter.

Exercise stimulates the body's physiological systems, which is responsible for the proper body and mind cope with stress.

Cardiovascular system during exercise is rapidly working, sends signals to the nerves and muscles, and in return the body copes better each time with stress.

The more you sit, the communication between the different organs of the body is weaker and leads to chronic stress in the body.

Just a quick walk or cycling will be enough to reduce your stress level. Numerous studies have shown that intense exercise immediately improves mood, memory, boosts energy and reduces the risk of depression, tension and anxiety.

This is even more surprising because intense exercise instantly increases levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Key word is instantly.

After some time, the cortisol level significantly begins to decrease, and the hormones of happiness and good cheer - endorphin and serotonin flood the body .


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