We are what we eat

Food is a medicine that heals our bodies—if we’re choosing the right things to eat. Some of the food we put on our table may be undermining our health in ways we don’t even realize. Many of the fruits and vegetables in our markets are sprayed with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and most meats are pumped up with antibiotics, hormones or fungicides. When we ingest these chemicals, they can have a harmful effect on the body.

Our bodies have a hard time digesting processed flours, sugars, oils and salts, so that food ends up clogging our intestines, severely impairing our bodies’ ability to efficiently absorb nutrients and void waste.

To take responsibility for our health, we have to become more aware of the food we eat. Don’t automatically trust a “natural” sticker that’s been slapped on a package in the store. Food that’s grown wild on this Earth, that hasn’t been genetically engineered, processed or tampered with, is good for us. Everything else is questionable.


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