How to reduce water retention in the body?

Drink more water 
It may sound strange, but a lack of water intake is the leading cause of water retention in the body. If the body does not get enough water, it will hold all the water in the body instead to excrete it. Water helps in maintaining all body functions and releases toxins from the body. 

Raise your legs 
Lie on your back and lift your legs on a pillow. This way you will rid the water which accumulated in the legs and ankles. 

Avoid salt 
Salt helps water retention, so choose foods that do not contain a lot of salt. Remember that salt is not entered only by salting the food, because many products already contain salt. 
Salt in large quantities is included in meat and canned products, and studies have shown that some types of bread, and cereals also contain excessive amounts of salt. 

Reduce alcohol intake 
Alcohol also promotes water retention. You should definitely avoid alcohol several days a week completely, and the remaining days drink moderately. 

Increase protein intake 
Proteins release excess water from the body, that's why some high-protein diets have such a fast weight loss results. 

Prolonged sitting or standing promotes water retention in the legs and ankles. Walk as much possible because you will thus accelerate blood circulation and help the body to excrete excess water. 

Drink dandelion tea 
Dandelion tea is a natural diuretic that reduces bloating and stimulates the release of excess water from the body. 

Increase your vegetables intake 
Almost all kinds of vegetables and fresh herbs have a diuretic effect that helps reduce water retention in the body. Excellent choice are cabbage, cucumbers, parsley and lettuce. 

Try acupuncture 
Studies have shown that some people notice a significant reduction of water retention in the body after acupuncture. 

Eat bananas 
An excellent source of potassium, which helps release excess water from the body. The best are fresh, and you can add them to the smoothie, yogurt or your favorite cereal


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