Myths vs. facts about back pain

It may be short-lived or last for days. Sooner or later, even 8 out of 10 people feels a pain in the back. It is completely normal and common. However, there are some myths in which you need to stop believing.

Myth: Always sit upright
It's okay to sit upright because hunched posture hurts spine. But, prolonged sitting upright can also have a negative effect on the back. If you sit a lot  occasionally lean your back on the chair and extend your legs. Even better is if you can occasionally walk or stand, for example, while talking on a cell phone.

Myth: Do not lift heavy objects
It's not about objects weight, but the way in raising them. Of course you do not need to raise something that is heavy for you, but it is important to properly lift loads. Squat toward object, keep your back straight and head up. Rise relying all the weight on your feet, not your back.

Myth: Resting in bed is the best medicine
Holidays can help with injuries and sprains that cause back pain. However, it is the myth that you need to stay lying in bed because it can make the pain even worse.

Myth: The pain is always caused by injury
Disc degeneration, injuries, various diseases and infections and even chronic inflammation of the body can cause back pain.

Myth: Skinny people do not suffer from back pain
Everyone can feel the pain in his back. In fact, people who are underweight, especially those who suffer from eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia),  gradually lose bone mass.

Myth: Exercise makes the pain worse
This is one of the biggest myths. Regular exercise is great for the prevention of pain. People suffering from pain caused by injuries should also exercise, but according to the program of a specialist. Once the pain decreases, it's necessary to continue exercising in order to prevent the recurrence of pain.

Myth: The firmer mattresses are better
One study has shown that people who sleep on a medium firm mattress, least likely feel pain in his back, while those who sleep on a very firm mattress feel pain every day. However, it is important to take into consideration the sleep habits and the most common sleep position because not all mattresses suits to everyone.

Fact: More weight, more pain
Maintaining a healthy weight is the best way to prevent back pain. Research has shown that back pain is common in people who are not in shape and  struggle with excess weight. Most intense pain occurs in people who exercise 1-2 days a week doing high-intensity exercise, and rest of the week do not exercise at all.

Fact: Chiropractic can help
Chiropractors can be a competent and safe way to reduce back pain. In fact,  if feeling chronic back pain it is recommended that you consult a chiropractor with prior consultation with the doctor. Also make sure you visit experienced and reputable chiropractors because otherwise you can do more harm than good.

Fact: Acupuncture can help
According to scientific research, acupuncture has helped many people who suffer from chronic back pain. Experts will recommend almost everyone if standard forms of therapy have not helped.


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