For the beauty that shines from the inside

Normally, the skin, hair and nails are nourished from the outside, forgetting the fact that the hair and nails in the root are living part of the body and that for their growth are needed micronutrients. The same applies to the process of regeneration of skin cells.Therefore, it is important to provide to the body nutrients inside, and with extra care from the outside, the result will follow.

For skin nourished from the inside, and fresh look from the outside, it is important balanced combination of essential substances that support the skin cells in the daily rhythm of renewal. Credit for that goes especially to B vitamins, proven to have a beneficial effect on the appearance and softness of the skin, vitamins C and E which attract free radicals, which neutralize their harmful effects on the skin, and vitamin A, which promotes restoration of damaged tissue (epithelialization and the formation of new skin cells), increases skin elasticity and prevents its drying. With these vitamins, for healthy skin is important also zinc, a mineral that helps wounds healing, soothe skin prone to irritation and inflammation, and positively affects the entire immune system.

This combination of micronutrients was chosen because it provides a high bioavailability and plays a key role in the regeneration of skin cells.

For the rich and shiny hair are particularly important amino acids cysteine ​​and methionine, which, as part of keratin, significantly affect the appearance and structure of the hair. Scientific studies have shown that during the normal lifetime of one hair (three years) the percentage of amino acid decreases up to 50 percent. In other words, the hair over time loses precisely those amino acids that are responsible for its sturdiness.

Vitamins important for hair health are: vitamin A, which gives the hair shine and fullness, vitamin B5, which speeds up hair growth and keeps its pigmentation, vitamin H (biotin), which plays an important role in the formation of the basic keratin substance and thus ensures a tighter hair structure to prevent cracking and blooming hair, and vitamin E, which participates in the renewal of the hair structure and cell regeneration. Mineral that is particularly important for maintaining the health of hair is iron, which is a part of the enzyme for normal blood cell construction, and with vitamins B6 and B12 prevents anemia which is quickly manifested by increased fallout and lower quality of hair.


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