Body cleanse

Depending on your pre-cleanse diet and lifestyle, and how stringent a cleanse you choose, you may experience a spectrum of physical symptoms as the body purges toxins. They’re an uncomfortable but normal part of detoxification, and they usually subside within the first two days.

The seven activities included below are serious cleanse boosters that magnify the positive effects of a cleansing program. They’ll ease the physical symptoms you might experience and help you work through the emotions that come up during a cleanse. They’ll also help you harness the new levels of energy you’ll feel and enhance your clarity, sense of purpose, serenity and balance.

1. HydrateIdeally, water makes up 60% to 70% of our body weight. Staying
within that range is key to maintaining endurance and energy levels, ensuring that your organs, cells and other internal systems function properly, keeping proper muscle and skin tone and preventing and relieving constipation. So always drink plenty of water!
This becomes even more important during the detoxification phase of a cleanse. Drinking fluids helps move food through the intestines and flushes the toxins from our blood, organs and cells that get released during the cleansing process.

While you’re cleansing, the following signs could be indications that you’re dehydrated and need to increase your intake of water:
✴ Dark yellow or orange urine
✴ Dry mouth
✴ Constipation
✴ Muscle soreness or cramps
✴ Joint pain
✴ Dry skin, poor skin tone or wrinkles
✴ Swollen legs, feet, hands or face
✴ Dizziness
✴ Lethargy or depression

2. Sweat It OutOne of the most relaxing and effective ways to help flush toxins from the body during a cleanse is doing a steam or a sauna. If you’d prefer to sweat it out at home, take a hot bath before going to bed. Remember: the goal is to sweat, so make the water as warm as you can comfortably bear it. If you get overheated, take a quick cool shower or pour some cool water over your head. 

3. Move Your BodyMoving your body also helps clear your mind and the endorphins you get from regular exercise are great natural mood enhancers.The deeper breathing that comes with exercise improves circulation, increases oxygenation in the bloodstream and helps flush toxins and cellular waste from the body. 
Try exercising for at least 30 minutes each day. Your preferred workout is usually best. If you don’t have one, go for a brisk walk, run, take a yoga class, head to the gym, dance your feet off, go for a swim, jump on a trampoline or ride a bike—it’s up to you. If you can, get outside and exercise in nature. 

4. BreatheWhen you start breathing deeply, you can feel your body relaxing, your blood pressure drop and your heart rate slow. You almost instantly feel more calm. Over the longer term, the increased oxygen and decreased carbon dioxide levels that come with deeper breathing have a profound effect on dropping acid levels in the body and soothing acidic states of mind.

5. Flush Your SystemProper elimination is an important component of the journey toward optimal health, so clearing out the old sludge in your intestines is crucial. When you change your diet, it’s not uncommon for your digestion or elimination to change. The effect differs by person and by cleanse, but you may find that things aren’t moving properly though the body. 

6. Nurture Your Mind and SpiritDoing meditations is a great way to care for your mind and spirit during a cleanse — even taking just 10 minutes out of your day can have a positive impact. Meditation can help you start your day in a centered, calm state of mind; unplug from stress during the day; and relax as you prepare to sleep. You can meditate in silence or with soothing or uplifting music. The goal is to consciously relax your entire body, from head
to toe.

7. Catch Your SleepA solid night of sleep is incredibly rejuvenating for the body and spirit. Recommendations for putting your body and mind into a restful state:
✴Avoid exercising, watching intense TV or movies, or reading something heavy right before bed.
✴Listen to one of your favorite mellow CDs to help you chill out.
✴Try consciousness relaxation, breathing exercises or meditation to put yourself into a relaxed state and help you sleep more soundly.
✴Take a warm bath before bed to help you unplug from the day and prepare for sleep.


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