Why does the body like a massage?

Scientists have proven that massage has a beneficial effect on the mind and body. It relaxes tense muscles, improves blood flow in the body, relieves physical and mental tension.

Massage can reduce the risk of depression, chronic stress, relieves fatigue, alleviates headaches and boosts immunity.

It all starts with one touch. Nerves are starting to react to every touch and pressure and send various signals to the brain and the parasympathetic nervous system, whose purpose is to help the body to better cope with stress.

Lungs and stomach
Vagus nerve, part of the parasympathetic system, which connects the brain and major organs of the body, sends a message to the lungs to breathe deeply and slowly, and to the digestive system to relax. Excessive levels of stress does the exact opposite. Lungs work rapidly, and the digestive system does not perform its job properly because of excessive anxiety.

During the massage of the back, neck or chest, the heart rate slows down by more than 10 beats per minute. Blood pressure is reduced by as much as 8%.

While hands cross on your body, even if it comes to self-massage, it leads to a significant reduction in stress hormones. Vagus sends a signal to the glands to reduce the production of stress hormones that make you anxious.

Brain under the influence of massage does what's he created for. If it's morning massage, you will feel more energetic, you will have better concentration and perform easier your duties during the day.
On the other hand, if it comes to an evening massage, the body will be easier to relax, allow melatonin to perform his job, to put you to sleep and ensure quality sleep.
Caused by the parasympathetic system, the brain also stimulates the production of hormones of happiness, serotonin.

Pain and tension
Massage can enable you to skip taking aspirin. It is a natural way for the body to fight the pain. Pressing the skin leads to activation of nerves which send signals to the brain and currently block the sensation of pain. Signals of the pressure travel through the body faster than pain signals. That's why we instinctively touch the painful area.

Massage has a beneficial effect on mood. Studies have shown that massage relaxes better than watching TV, and just as effective as exercise. Massage will stimulate the release of hormones of happiness and good mood.


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